Turnstiles, gates and railing systems provide effective means for pedestrian flow control at entrances of production facilities, administrative buildings, company offices, schools, university campuses, stadiums, leisure and fitness facilities, amusement parks and zoos, shopping outlets.


CASIT Automations for swing gates or doors are feasible and available for any kind of use in both domestic and industrial environments, even for intensive use. Depending on the type of installation the product range is made by

Actuators / electromechanical operators with piston (linear)
Arm Actuators / electromechanical operators
Underground actuators / operators electromechanical
Wheel actuators / operators electromechanical for large swing gates


CASIT Automations for sliding gates are adaptable and available for any kind of use in both domestic and industrial environment, even for intensive use. The choice of the model depends on:

Leaves dimensions and leaves weight
Type of installation required (residential, domestic or industrial)
Depending on opening/closing cycles frequency


Automatic shutters for shops and shopping centers.

Asynchronous motor for shutters with limit switches and setting up integrated.

Roller shutter and external blinds motor.

Intensive use operator for sectional doors, counterbalanced sectional doors, sliding doors and folding doors. Irreversible model. Noiseless mechanism life lubricated. External release with cable and handle.

Irreversible gear motor for garage door with reversing device on obstacle and slowing system.


boom barriers are adaptable both for residential installation (residential parking control) and intensive use (public parking control): they are well-built with strong material and they are tested with thousands applications, even in peculiar and difficult climatic conditions. The choice of the right model depends on:

– Transit frequency to be controlled
– Installation type (private use, residential, industrial, …)
– Length of the arm (up to max. 8 meters)


The traffic bollards are functional elements particularly suitable to control and restrict the access of cars in urban areas with limited traffic areas or in private areas. In some cases they are used as real shatterproof protection for sensitive areas (banks, showrooms, shop windows of showrooms, optical, jewelry, etc..) or perimetral (possibly change to ‘restricted access’) areas. They are the perfect solution for the customer looking for design and highest security standard. High quality rate.